Monday, May 19, 2014

The Past is Prolog - Chapter Ten


Hunter H said...

Didn't know phones from the 1980s were gold.Heres a question that may have already been answered Charls Z.What kind of Photoshop do you use? I'm just curious.

fanimation said...

Miss Jones appears to be making the boys an offer the CAN'T refuse.....very nice!

Charles Z said...

It's not the color it's the style of the phone that he notices and mentions in the dialogue. This was something I added later to the text after I rediscovered the story art.

I used an older version of Photoshop. I have CS6 but prefer to use CS2 at times. The process is very simple and it doesn't require any complex tools or techniques at all.

As always thanks for your comments guys.

Garrett Wilson said...

So far the story here is decent, while the character designs and movement are near perfect.

I will judge the story more when this whole first part is done, but so far it is in the c-range for me, with good comedy being it's strong point.

I am also still not sure about the lack of a background, while it is fitting for the rules you set in the universe of their so far, I do like pretty backgrounds. Either way it isn't anything too major, as the background has a positive and negative the way you have it now.

Charles Z said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

To help explain things a little better, the narrative is allegory. It's also very early in the story overall. The lack of backgrounds was a deliberate choice I made years ago when I was first created the material you see here. It was never really intended to be showcased like this, but here we are!

The reason behind the minimalist environment is two fold. First to emphasize the characters, their personalities, and to be consistent with the nature of the project. That is, that it's a stage play. The environment is an endless theater space where background elements are props.

I really enjoy working on Thump and wouldn't mind if it became my full time occupation but it's tough when you're running your own school and teaching and mentoring. Plus life in general keeps me busy and all of this limits creative productivity. Still I'm able to work on it and keep things moving forward.

Chapter 11 will be up tomorrow.

Chance Raspberry said...

Boy oh boy, things just keep getting worse for Thump and Timbuk! I can't wait to find out how they're connected to these villains in disguise, and why this "mysterious past" has now seemingly returned to do them in. Great buildup, Charles!

I'd give the story an A at this point, as the events are really starting to spark questions and genuine concern for the main characters. I can see how the story/character development might seem slow to those who love nonstop action and eye candy, but for someone like me who really appreciates a good story arc starring real characters, this classic, Golden Age approach to storytelling is right up my alley!

Nowadays, we rarely get to know the characters well enough to really empathize or associate with them before the fit hits the shan. Right now, I CARE what happens to Thump and Timbuk, and the fact that they seem to only be getting deeper behind enemy lines is EXCITING! =D Thanks again, Charles!! Can't wait for more!!!

Landon Kemp said...

Three things I have to say about this:

1. At the part where Thump notices the 1980's telephone, he kept saying all those phrases about how something strange is going on, like "I don't trust the situation" and "We could lose control of it all very fast". It came off as sort of repetitive to me. I don't know what you were going for there, and I hope you don't mind critique, but it was just something I noticed and felt obliged to tell you.

2. I also noticed Timbuk standing on his tip-toes when Thump told him to "stay on your toes" in the next panel. As if the little guy couldn't get any more cuter.

3. Good Lord, that last panel was creepy!

Charles Z said...

Thanks for your comments Landon and yes I am open to critique. This is still something of a beta test situation for the project. Questions and input are welcome.

Regarding Thump's dialogue. First he mentions the familiarity of what he's seeing and experiencing for reasons which will be revealed later concerning the character of Miss Jones. Secondly he's beginning to show caution and doubt as to the predicament the two of them are in based upon this sense of familiarity. That's the idea behind those lines.

Timbuk tends to take things literally.

Miss Jones is not to be taken lightly.

Landon Kemp said...

Thanks for letting me know, Charles.

Ok, that's kind of what I figured WAS going on in that one panel, but I was just wondering if Thump had said one phrase too many.