Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Montgomery Thump project update

Thanks everyone for following the story I've been featuring on the blog the past couple of months. Great fun on my end. Hope you've enjoyed it so far. Something different. 

As it happens I've been so busy with my school lately that it's encroached upon the time I need to prepare follow up content. All the material I created in my first swing through the story of Montgomery Thump and Timbuk too in "The Past is Prolog" has been published and it's taking a little while to get the new stuff ready. I'll have it up soon. In the meantime a dedicated site for the project is getting closer to launch and I'll be organizing everything there as well. 

Thanks very much for the great traffic! Seems there's a good amount of people following it and I do indeed hope that's the case. I like creating for Thump and I'm looking forward to keeping it going. Will return soon with the next chapter in the ongoing tale.


Landon Kemp said...

I've been really liking this so far. I managed to show most of what you had to my brother, and he enjoyed it as well. Sorry if I haven't commented on some of the previous establishments, but I have still been following Montgomery Thump and Timbuck, too.

In fact, I can totally picture the kinda voices these characters could have. As well as an aspiring cartoonist and animator, I have an interest in working in voice acting. If I had a good microphone, the right sound effects, and a proper video editing software, I could totally picture making an animatic of this as a way of hopefully promoting and drawing attention to the project.

Charles Z said...

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it. and I appreciate your comments.

That would be interesting to hear the characters deliver their dialogue while viewing the pages of each chapter.

I'm still developing content just haven't got to the point where I can keep to the publication timeline so far. Also getting a few more individuals involved over here to help creatively in other ways. I can sense momentum building.