Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Past is Prolog - Chapter Twelve

Thank you for your patience. I intended on getting this chapter ready some time ago but my schedule kept me from finishing it. This is new material since I've colored and posted everything that was created for this story from back in the 1980s. Chapter 12 is in rough form. It will take too long to color so I hope you won't mind seeing it in line and sketch.

I may change some of the dialogue before finalizing it. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the latest installment for what it is.



Hunter H said...

So what this comic is leading to is another surprise that you did and never showed I assume. Of course that's that the next chapter is for.

Landon Kemp said...

Wowzers, man, this is really, REALLY getting into some interesting territories. Timbuk in an animated video from the 1990s somewhere on the Internet? I'm curious to see what that is. Also, who is that koala? Part of Timbuk's tribe?

I don't have a firm grasp on what is considered "meta", but I have a feeling this project could be considered an example of "metafiction". It definitely seems like it has some of those devices and conventions.

I don't mind the in-progress chapter. Not only do we get a continuation, but we get a little behind-the-scenes glance at the making of this.

Charles Z said...

Yes indeed! Looks like there's an animated video from the 1990s on the way!

Thank you Hunter H and Landon for your comments. Appreciate your thoughts.

fanimation said...

I've been working A LOT of overtime lately and although I have been checking in from time to time with your blog I haven't had a chance to comment in a while. I like the idea of Timbuk being stuck in an old animated video somewhere on the internet! I don't think Thump can easily find the little guy with a simple google search! Sounds like he has some serious work ahead of him........can't wait for the next installment!

Haris A. Devine said...

It's a animated video that was produced in the 1990s, right ? Like, a couple of decades ago ?

Why don't you show it now ? Do you have misplaced your archives ? XD

Charles Z said...

Well, I'm waiting for Thump to track it down. Actually I'm debating whether or not to create another chapter between this last one and the video as a hook up. It's not lost to me. I have it. Trying to clear things away so I can dedicate myself to the project once again and get more content up.

Landon Kemp said...

Hey Charles, I hope you haven't forgotten to finish inking and coloring this chapter.

Charles Z said...

Thank you Landon for bringing this up. Thump is still hunting for the video from the 1990's and in their world huge amounts of time pass before we see what they're up to.

I would rather work on this project than just about anything else. It'll be coming around again soon.