Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Spent a special Christmas Eve doing what I enjoy most and that's kickin' back and creating art. This started as a quick sketch demo for an online student a few days ago. Thought I'd put something together for the many Crash Bandicoot fans who frequent my blog. A little something from me to you. 

Merry Christmas !!!

God bless and may all your dreams come true !!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Spyro's First Flight

I had a lot of fun doing this. It started as a quick sketch concept demonstration for a Visual Development student that I teach online. With each progressive session I worked on it a little more refining the composition and if I had extra time on my own I'd work on it some more.

Here's the final art as I imagine this being Spyro the Dragon's first flight through the air as a youngster. A confident little tyke from the start. It's my Christmas present to all the devoted Spyro fans out there who love the character and who frequent my blog. Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone joy and happiness and creativity with all you do in life. May you soar to new heights in the New Year!


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Elf Head color demo

I've got a pretty good crop of online students now as 2016 marks the year that I started teaching this way. In addition to my on site classes in Burbank that is. This approach has given me an opportunity to work with individual students and spend a little more time doing demonstrations in Photoshop. Here's what I came up with last week. I took a blue pencil drawing which was a demo from a couple of years ago and manipulated it digitally to change the line color to black and used that as a base for rendering simple color and gray tone. I used tints and then built up a more opaque application on areas such as the cheek, nose, forehead and the tip of the ear.  The original drawing follows the digital version below.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Another Conan the Barbarian

Here's another version of Conan following the preceding post. This time I took a more graphic approach. Away from realism and into the realm of iconic design. 

Conan the Barbarian was a very popular comic published by Marvel from 1970 to 1993. The series was created by Robert E Howard in 1932.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Conan the Barbarian

Hello there! It's been a while since I posted something. Not for want of doing so. It's been one of those phases where I get real busy with things that distract me from creating art. In any case I had a chance to do some sketching this evening with my students and I thought I'd work up a concept for one of my favorite characters from my days when I was an avid comic book reader. This is an interpretation of Conan the Barbarian. I'll be drawing him more in the future at some point so this is a start. Thank you again for following my blog and I hope that everything is going great in your life.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Chicago Cubs - Champions of Baseball 2016

It's been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs won a championship but they finally did it last night in dramatic fashion! What a series and what a game! Growing up in the Chicagoland area I've been a Cubs fan all of my life and wondered if I would ever see them do this while I have breath in my body. It has happened so now I can depart this mortal earth in peace when my time is up.  

In honor of their victory I went into my archives and found a painting I did way back in 1983. I had a company that was printing and marketing sports posters at the time. I created this for the Cubs in hopes that I could get a license to market the print. Alas it was too cute for the franchise as they were changing their image to something more aggressive so the feel of the character didn't work out for them. And since Photoshop didn't exist in those days it was too labor intensive to redo the painting. So I moved on to other things.

Here we are 33 years later so why not get this out as part of the celebration. The original image followed by something for today. The past and the present merge.