Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome !!!

Hello and thank you for stopping by!

This blog is dedicated to featuring artwork I've done throughout my life and career. I have lots and lots and lots of content to share. Plus I'm creating more all the time. Plan on seeing new things here daily with maybe some time off on weekends. This fellow was a class demonstration while teaching at my school The Animation Academy in Burbank, California. Col-erase Blue pencil on paper with black line marker. Love to create and come up with characters. Thanks again and see you later.


Vinicius Da Silva said...

you are the creator of crash bandicoot? *_________________*

Charles Z said...

Hi Vinicius. I was on the original development team for the project that became Crash Bandicoot in late 1994 and into 1995. Crash was developed by Joe Pearson and myself. I worked on the original game, Crash 2 and 3 and Crash Nitro Kart. I also created Spyro the Dragon in 1997 for Insomniac Games and Jak and Daxter for Naughty Dog in 2000.

Steven Perry said...

Thats awesome love all those games