Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Once in a while I'll see something that reminds me of previous designs I've done. At times the resemblance can be very striking. I often wonder to what degree my designs influenced the work if at all since much of it was previously published in one way or another. Maybe it was a coincidence. That often happens. Here's a few examples of what I'm referring to. The graphics were originally posted on the AnimationNation Forums in early 2011.

At the upper left is an image from ILM's 'Rango'.
The rest of the drawings are development for Sony's 'Jak and Daxter' video game.

On the left is an early concept development sketch for Daxter from the 'Jak and Daxter' video game. 
On the right is Toothless from 'How To Train Your Dragon' by DreamWorks.

How to Train Your Dragon on the left.
At right is a development sketch from the 'Spyro the Dragon' video game.

On the left is a concept sketch from Sony's Jak and Daxter. 
On the right another dragon from HTTYD.

Left side is a character from 'Monsters vs Aliens' by DreamWorks.
Right is a class demonstration from the Academy's first year in 1998.

Left is another character from Monsters vs Aliens.
At right is a class demonstration from 1996 while teaching at another school.

Friends are the ones who usually bring these similarities to my attention and when they do they get upset. On the other hand I see it a little differently. Whether there's a direct influence or not I tend to view it as a validation of the creative direction I'm coming from. If it's not a 'great minds think alike' kind of thing I'm happy to see that what I've been conjuring in my imagination is appreciated at the highest levels of animated entertainment. 

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Fangurl Friday said...

Looks like art theft to be honest. But... as long as you're happy :) x