Friday, February 07, 2014


Howdy there ladies and gents!

I reached a milestone this past week with the special project. This is looking really good and I know you'll love it in my humble opinion. I very much appreciate your patience and thank you for checking in. This is a monumental work and whatever time I can apply towards it is valuable. What I would normally put into the blog I'm focusing on creative productivity for the project instead.

So thanks again and I'll be keeping you informed and updated as things get closer to the finish of this phase and the beginning of the next which will be publication. It's on the way! 


Unknown said...

Hey Charles, long time no see!

I apologize if I haven't kept up with your blog or your awesome work. As of now, I'm busy myself!

For a while now, I've been whipping up a portfolio to showcase at art schools that suit my expertise, animation. My portfolio consists of Still Life, Object Study, Sketchbook sketches, Figure Drawings (with the use of a manikin), and Landscapes. I submitted my work to various art schools like School of Visual Arts, Pratt, etc... Thankfully, I got accepted into School of Visual arts, one of the leading art schools of the nation! With that done, I'm one step closer to becoming a college student and a artist.

Other than that, I'll be back on your blog again! I'm also interested in this secret project you've been working on, keep up the good work!

Pat Caldora

Charles Z said...

Congratulations Pat! SVA is an excellent school with a great legacy. Soon we'll be following the art you create on your blog. Good luck and much success to you!

Unknown said...

Hey Charles! It's been a long time since I commented on here. I actually have some incredible news for you- I'm moving to Los Angles in Late May/early June. If you're wondering my current residence is Phoenix, AZ at the moment which won't be much of a hassle to move a state away. Anyways the main point is that my Parents said if I get a job and pay for semester classes, I could join your school.

Joining the Animation Academy will really help my artistic abilities especially with a lot of drawing issues I have. I am good at doodling and considered 'great' to many people though. Despite that I myself need to do way better. I hope to see you in Character Design 1 one day!


Charles Z said...

Hey there Jake, thanks for checking in. Get in touch as things progress.
Good luck with your move to LA! Keep drawing in the meantime.