Friday, December 12, 2014

Three Crash drawings disappeared through the US Mail

Hello everyone. Thanks as always for frequenting my blog. I really appreciate the healthy traffic it gets even though I haven't posted in a while. Here's the latest.

On November 6, 2014 I mailed three Crash Bandicoot drawings that I created in 2012. These drawings were original art. I posted them a couple years ago and archived them afterwards. A regular visitor to my blog and a devoted Crash fan, I made arrangements with Matt in the UK to conduct a second Ebay auction. Last year Matt auctioned a set of Crash and Spyro prints for the benefit of the Worthing Boys Club in West Sussex. It was very successful. Since then plans were made to hold another auction and that's what these drawings were to be used for. Only this time it was going to be an auction for the benefit of both the Worthing Boys Club and also The Animation Academy in Burbank California.

I sent the package with these drawings to the UK through the main post office in Burbank. Priority Mail International. The last tracking entry date listed by the US Postal Service was November 7 2014 from the main terminal in LA bound for England. Since then it's gone off the radar. 

I contacted the USPS and an investigation was initiated. I don't have much faith in it as this is the second time in about a year that something of value I sent through them disappeared. I've learned my lesson and will never use them again for anything like this. The US Postal Service used to be the gold standard in mail delivery. Not any more as far as I'm concerned. 

This has been a troubling experience for me. Not only in losing three valuable original works of art, but also as far as my feelings about what's happening in America. 

Fortunately I made digital copies of the drawings at a resolution high enough for printing. They don't replace the originals but at least there's a record of the images. Here they are below without my personal signature which was on the originals...

The drawings were on 12 field Ingram animation paper. The paper that the major studios use. They were quality sketches but alas, what can I say other than I'm bummed about it.

I'd like to know if there's an interest in conducting an auction with these prints instead. I can sign a copy of each and use them in place of the originals. Just one copy of each signed by yours truly.

Your comments are welcome.

Charles Zembillas


PS - Edited on March 7 2015 - The drawings finally made it to the UK after spending 6 months in Brazil. The first of 3 auctions of the original drawings has started on eBay and will continue through March 15 2015. 


Matt said...

I am very annoyed as well that the art went missing. I was really excited and looking forward to be working with you and to help raise funds for your academy. If someone ever told me that one day I would have the chance to work with the man who drew some of my favourite video game characters.. I would of laught at them and say they were lying.

Out of interest.. Do you ever colour your Crash drawings?

Hunter H said...

I know it feels to lose a picture I did very well on. But at least printers exist.
It's still a shame though cause I do like these pictures, but you know there's a lot more that's still there.

Evelar said...

It's really a shame the conditions of the postal services are, now.

Here in Mexico, as you can imagine, i think it's in worse conditions.

Sorry to read this kind of... message, Mr. Zembillas.

Charles Z said...

Matt - I often use color but professionally in animation I've gotten used to working mostly with line.

Hunter H and Emerson thanks for your comments.

Well guys, you won't believe this, or maybe you will. There's been an update on the tracking of the package on the US Postal Service site.

As of December 17, 2014 at 7:56 am the package was "Processed Through Sort Facility" in... BRAZIL.

Figure that one out.

Matt said...

I have nothing else to say except wow..

Perhaps the words "United Kingdom" slipped passed their eye on the package.. ? *shaking my head* Or the website is wrong OR it may actually arrive to the correct location eventually.. But I am most likely clutching at straws.

Unknown said...

Hey Charles, sorry to hear about your original artwork getting lost in the mail. It's sad of what's become of the Postal Service as of now. Trust me on that one, it truly is a bummer.

Anyway, I think it's a great idea to put your prints into auction. I've been interested in collecting art, especially if it's something to do with animation such as production drawings and cels. I'm all for it.

Charles Z said...

Here's the latest tracking update on the package containing the 3 Crash Bandicoot drawings that were bound for the UK on November 6 2014 that were to be delivered within a few business days and is now approaching 2 months ago...

Your item cleared customs in BRAZIL at 12:24 pm on December 29, 2014.


Matt said...

The only thing I can think(and praying of) is that maybe the destination country was 'somehow accidentally' marked as Brazil on the system but it might actually arrive to me hopefully and some point in time..? But then again I am probably looking to much on the bright side here. But it must be delivered or returned to somebody soon SURELY!?

Unknown said...

Hello Charles, I am very sorry for what happened, but I'm Brazilian so I can tell you a few things:
The drawings does have a chance to return to '' original route '', but you should find out more information on where it is in Brazil and responsible press after that.
The postal system is slow here, so if you get something, they will take to get to where it should.
Well, from what you said is just that where I can help.
good luck :)
PS: translated by google because I do not speak English very well: D

Matt said...

Beyond a joke if you ask me. The site hasn't updated it's tracking in 10 days - It is supposedly being forwarded to Rio De Janeiro to Sao Paulo.

At this moment in time I wouldn't mind whether it returned to sender or actually arrive at the correct destination. I just want the art to be in safe hands.

Charles Z said...

It's really too bad what happened. Maybe one day the package will find its way to one end or the other.

Matt said...

Don't give up just yet!

The Brazilian tracking website actually updated last night.

It is currently:

Sao Paulo / SP - Received at Post Unit

Probably not doing the right thing but at least it's moving.

Charles Z said...

The drawings were mailed from the Burbank post office on November 6 2014, shipped from LA on November 7 supposedly bound for the UK, and on November 13 they're documented in Brazil and have been there ever since. Two months and a week in Brazil as of this writing.

Well, at least we know where they were all this time. None of this info appears on the US Postal Service site for tracking packages. Brazil may not be very efficient at getting a parcel marked for the UK out of their country but they are reporting on it which is better than nothing.

Matt said...

Latest update and I quote..

"Dear Customer, the object is in treatment to be returned to origin, we will be making the rescue attempt."

Charles Z said...

Thanks for the update Matt. I'm hoping the best for the drawings to find a safe haven on either your end or mine.

Matt said...

Hopefully this is nearly over!

Updated from the Brazilian postal site:

from Distribution Unit in Sao Paulo / SP to Country in Britain /

Charles Z said...

The latest entry states that it's been forwarded to Great Britain on February 12. Maybe a happy ending in store. We'll know in the next few days.

Matt said...

Now received in the UK. A customs charge would really take the biscuit!

Charles Z said...

Well that's the best news so far! Came to Great Britain on Feb 16. Only thing left is getting it to your hands.

Charles Z said...

If you're following this, the adventures of the missing Crash drawings have come to an end!

Thanks to the Postal Service of Brazil they did what the US Postal Service couldn't. That is to actually deliver a package to where it's supposed to go.

Took 3 months and 11 days!

Next up will be an Ebay auction of the original world traveling art on behalf of The Animation Academy in Burbank and The Worthing Boys' Club in the UK.

Wish us luck!