Sunday, May 03, 2015

Getting in the groove / new drawings

After a long and unintentional break from drawing I'm happy to say that I had a chance to do something new this past week. I asked a student what they would have me come up with in the advanced character design class as a demo. She suggested a young boy elfin type of character that was evil but could trick you into thinking he's good, done in my Jak and Daxter style. So here's the result...

Earlier in the first level character design class I did this simple head rotation as a demo and also for personal practice. It's healthy for professional character designers to keep their chops up when it comes to basic skills and rotations are a part of that.

Feels really good to get creative again.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Just something about your video game related art I can't get enough of!

I could easily sit down with you for hours and listen to your stories and discuss your thoughts and ideas of each individual piece whilst flicking through a sketch book.

My favourite artist.. A true creative GENIUS!