Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Frankenstein 2015 ... 1996

Back when I was working the studio scene one of the projects I was involved in was creating a series of concept designs for a direct to video situation that DIC animation studio was developing in association with CBS TV. The video concepts were based upon classics of literature. One of these concepts was Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein". 

Earlier today I saw a trailer for a new movie on the way this coming November entitled "Victor Frankenstein". In one scene I got a glimpse of the monster from behind and it reminded me of what I had come up with nearly 20 years earlier around 1996 when I was on the video project. So I dug through my archives and lo and behold I found the art from that time. Thought I'd post it to confirm that my visual interpretation of the Frankenstein monster was 2 decades ahead of what this movie envisioned.

This is the raw image of the original art. The line was photocopied onto an animation cel and painted.

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