Monday, September 14, 2015

Crash Cash

How many of you wonder who made the big bucks on Crash? Was it Naughty Dog? Universal? Sony? Activision? Others in between? Who wound up with all that Crash cash?


Sinnamon Jam said...

I would say Sony since it drove a massive spike of interest
for game developers to create unqiue IP's for the Playstation.
It also helped them market their audience towards a more younger
demographic, which also helped boost sales.

NaughtyDog would have also profited, since their development
tech assets was notably a lot more refined by the time
they were done with the Crash Franchise. Sony would have had a great partnership
with them for marketing so they earned a lot of money, which has
helped them develop future projects.

Crash, mysteriously then, was given away..
Universal had his rights for a long time. They developed several Crash games
which were good, and..not so good.. until they were merged
with Activision. As of now, they are ncredibly reluctant to give him
back, since they know the amount of profit that can be made off of him.

They value the IP so much,
that went Naughtydog requested them to use Crash for an art contest,
they denied permission. Sony has also been making a desperate attempt to bring him
back via negotiations with Activision themselves, acording to various articles over the last year or two, to help market the PS4 further.

We don't know if they have succeeded or not, because apparently, I did some searching around on the Crash Wiki on his return and somebody interviewed a person at Activision about a possible
return from the Bandicoot himeslf and the person interviewed mentioned a return in 2016.

I only know that because it was posted in the comments.
Because the video was taken down.

joaocwtheguy07 said...

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Pat Caldora said...

Hey Charles! It's Pat again!

Matt Wallace (who's been of great support for you) has been uploading some pages out of Dave Siller's booklet of Project Wombat (Crash 1's codename in early development)! Very interesting stuff to behold like Joe Pearson's artwork of the Komodo Bros., your art of Cortex, description of various characters, etc...

Sadly, these aren't in full color but awesome nonetheless and more is to come. Charles, is this what the Willy Wombat pitch bible looks like that you own? I remember you mentioning that it included Joe Pearson's Tiny and the Komodos who were pushed to development of Crash 2? Is that right? I'd love to see it sometime soon!

Also, good luck with the new school year! I hope you'll enjoy teaching a new wave of students who are entering the animation industry and having successful careers!

Thanks, Pat C.

Charles Z said...

joaocwtheguy07 I'm pretty sure I put this on the blog at some time. Anyway the link is above and I hope it works out. I'm not on Twitter and don't have much of a presence on Social Media at this time. Maybe some of the heavyweight Crash fans here can pick up on it. Good luck Crash I hope you break out!

Charles Z said...

Pat the images you posted from David Siller's archives are not from the original Willy Wombat bible. Also all of the artwork on those pages was done by me. I'm positive that the text is Joe's as he did all the creative writing development on Willy / Crash.

The original production bible focuses on more technical subjects like gameplay concepts, outlines and structures of the levels, info about PlayStation, stuff like that plus some art. It has all the BG design drawings and all the color BGs which I painted plus I think some BG color work from Gregg Davidson. It's not a pitch bible, it's a production bible which is different. The original is still in good shape considering it's more than 20 years old.

I'll do my best at some point in the future to showcase it. Right now it's now possible. Too much going on.

Gribouille Smiley said...

Do you know the name of this musical instrument?

LucyLoveMeggie CZ said...

Charles, can you give me some hints how to become as good as you?

LucyLoveMeggie CZ said...

I would really love it.

Charles Z said...

Hi LucyLoveMeggie CZ. Yes I'll teach you. I'll be making educational videos soon. They'll be helpful and you'll learn to be a better artist.

WHY IS IT DOWN said...

Gribouille Smiley, it's a didgeridoo :)