Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween art - First professional drawing

Hello folks! Taking a little break from working on my character design book to share this ancient art with you. Digging through my archives last night I found the very first drawing I ever did in a professional situation. I was working at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City Missouri in 1980. I had just gone on staff and my first assignment was to contribute a concept design for a Halloween poster that several artists in the department were involved with. I imagined a fiddle playing scarecrow dancing around in a pumpkin patch with field mice framed by a rising moon beyond the horizon which is hard to see but it's there.

This is a copy of the original which Hallmark provided for my records at the time. It's yellowed from age but overall the image held up pretty well.


Gribouille Smiley said...

wHAT? Your first professional drawing!??
wOW Crash wasn't born yet!

Charles Z said...

This is my first professional drawing. First thing I did when I got to Hallmark. I designed several Halloween posters while I was there. I wouldn't be working on Crash until 15 years later.