Friday, October 21, 2016

Crash Bandicoot - Soccer Short by lillemann / GeniDude

Here's something that a visitor to my blog posted in the comments of my previous post. This is what lillemann came up with. GeniDude on YouTube. Using the drawings from the little Crash strip I published here for the World Cup 2 years ago he made an animated video. Take a look...


lillemann said...

Oh wow, thank you very much! :D I really enjoy your drawings, and the work you did on the Crash-series! Call me GeniDude! :D

Gabriele.T92 said...

I didn't remember this drawings, and the video is quite funny

Fangurl Friday said...

That's kind of cute, it's like he's playing with his dad.

Vanilla Latte said...

Hello Charles! I've been watching this blog since...2 months? I really love how this neat little blog came out! I spent my whole day today looking through everything you posted since you first started and I love everything! I've been a Crash Bandicoot fan since....3 months? (I'm sorry, I'm a horrible time keeper...) I really love all the characters that you and the other companies made from the year Crash was born all the way to now. My aunt played the first Crash Bandicoot and I really want to play it but I can't find any copies (I don't even have a PlayStation haha...). I do have questions for you about Crash (I'm really sorry for you having to answer all these questions on your blog...) and I was hoping for you to respond to it. Your mind could be a bit chalky after all those years but I do hope you answer these. Here we go:
1. What is Crash and Coco's age?
I know Crash is older but I would want to hear what you think about their ages.
2. When did Crash met Coco?
Did he meet her when he was saving Tawna or...?
3. If the bandicoots celebrate Father's Day then who does Crash celebrate it with?? Aku Aku or Cortex (Original creator)?

I also made fanart of Ripper Roo here:
I would love to hear your opinion on this cartoony style of mines and any techniques you might want to share to me. I'm sorry this comment was so dang long because I know your really busy. I bookmarked your blog so I can keep up with what you do. I hope you enjoy your week and may the bandicoot stay fresh! (Well, the fuzzy bandicoot always stays fresh so... Let him be in keen shape!~)

Charles Z said...

Hi Vanilla Latte. Your picture of Ripper Roo is nicely done and interesting. I like your approach to the character. Something different. A cute and appealing look. Very unusual for him. Thanks for posting the link and good luck to you with your art. You're a talented designer with an emerging style.

As for your questions...

1. I don't know. How old do you think they are?

2. I imagine they've known each other all their lives as they're brother and sister. Crash had to have known Coco before he met Tawna if there was any kind of a family situation. Or maybe they met later as she could have been his long lost sister or her lost lost brother. So we start with Tawna and then Coco shows up.

3. Maybe he's like Astroboy who wanted to find his parents and spent much of his life looking for them. Maybe Crash gravitates towards a father figure instead of a biological father.

Great questions that are fun to think about. Thanks for your comments and keep up the impressive work!

Vanilla Latte said...

Ah thank you! I really try to shape up my style so I'll see what I can do the nearby future.
Hmm those are some good responses! Especially the first one so basically the fans can decide Crash's age...interesting! I think he's about... 16 probably and Coco might be..... 13.
I also think Coco might have been one of those outcast and probably bumped into Crash after the events of Crash Bandicoot. She could have overreacted when she smelled Crash's familiar scent (The last thing she could have remember is her brother's scent and then he was gone for the rest of her life or something...). So that's what I intentionally think currently.
Maybe Crash just looks up to Aku Aku and not Cortex. If he went to go to Cortex then there's a good chance he would get attacked haha. If I'm correct, Aku Aku calls Coco and Crash "children" in one if the Crash games (In not sure though. Maybe it's when Uka Uka gets released) so maybe that's my answer.
Any time Charles! I'll be commenting from now on your blog! I'll keep up my work and I hope to keep impressing you with my work later on in the future!~