Friday, November 18, 2016

Felt like drawing Crash some more

From last post with black line... 


Crash4563 said...

Hi Charles

I love the drawings of Crash Bandicoot and I am glad Crash is back Vicarious Visions have done a good job and I am looking forward to the remaster.

I wondered if I could ask you a question what was like working on Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon?.


Stephen Paternoster

RubbberRabbbit2 said...

I love to come here and see new Crash(or Spyro) drawings! He looks so cute in the middle one, I feel like giving him a pat on the head.

Vanilla Latte said...

You'll never know how much this made me feel better. After a horrible and unexpected experience, this has made me feel better. Thank you for updating your blog Charles.
I have a question for you:
What gave you an idea to use a bandicoot as Crash? (I know he use to be a wombat but still curious to see anything else about him.)
Dingodile is a fusion of a dingo and crocodile, so how did that work? Did Coretx use a machine to fuse and then mutated them??

Happy weekend!

Vanilla Latte

Hazman said...

fantastic Crash's! I do like the middle one. thought of doing some drawings of Crash with different expressions and emotions. I'd be interested to see.

Charles Z said...

Hi Stephen (Crash4563). Working on Crash and Spyro was always fun and exciting. A good experience while the projects were taking place.

RubbberRabbbit2 - Yes, he can use a pat on the head in that drawing. Poor guy looks forlorn.

Vanilla Latte - Glad the sketches made things a little better for you. As far as the ideas for Crash that was pretty much Naughty Dog and Joe Pearson. My involvement was mostly along the lines of visually defining what they were coming up with and helping to bring those ideas to life. They would tell me what they had in mind and I'd take it from there.

Hazman why not try drawing Crash and see what you come up with.

Pasquale Caldora said...

Hey Charles, it's me Pat! Long time no see!

These sketches are incredible. I especially love the second one. Really lively and full of energy. Makes me inspired to do my own take on the character! Speaking of, I don't know if you were asked this yet but what do you think of the Crash design used in Skylanders? From the looks of it, Vicarious Visions paid good amount of attention to your original design. Right down to the cheek wedges even:

Charles Z said...

Hey there Pat! Hope everything is going great for you.

As you pointed out I see a strong influence in this latest version of Crash. If VV contacted me for some input I would've helped them refine the design. In any case I'm happy to see Crash out and about again. It's all good as they say. Why not do your own version and let's see what you come up with.

hannah stroud said...

On the subject of Crash, I've been wanting to ask a question about his sister! Most of the female bandicoots (like Tawna) have these little fluffy tails that match their hair, so why doesn't Coco have one?

Charles Z said...

Hello Hannah. I don't know why Coco has no tail. That was a decision that Naughty Dog made. Coco was something of a departure from where we were stylistically on Crash. Keep in mind that Crash has no tail either so since they're related maybe that had something to do with it.

Pasquale Caldora said...

Hey Charles! I'm glad you asked! Here's one of mine of Crash:

I took a bit of inspiration from your style and added a bit of my own.

Charles Z said...

Very impressive Pat! I see a lot more of you in the Crash drawing than I do of myself but if I had an influence in it then all the better. You're a talented artist. Keep up the nice work.

Gabriele.T92 said...

Hi mr. Zembillas, love all your Crash drawings as always, the second one is the most interesting to me because Crash usually has a big smile on his face in your drawings, so seeing him with a different, more confused expression is interesting! Also I thought you would find this interesting: It's the trailer to the new Crash Remastered game! It looks great in my opinion, some stuff looks a little off, like the temple levels being more colorfull and not as dark and scary as the PS1 version and Crash looks too fuzzy but overhall I think it's amazing.
Also here is a picture of many characters:
What's your opinion about all this?

Charles Z said...

Hello Gabriele! I'm excited about the trailer for the remastered Crash. I agree with you it's amazing. Diggin the character line up too. Thanks for posting the links. Great to see this happening.