Monday, October 02, 2017

The Animation Academy on Patreon

Hello to all and I hope this finds you doing great! The community on my blog is a special one as I've enjoyed very much featuring my art here and interacting with a terrific group of individuals. I want to let you know about something I launched a few days ago. It's a perfect system for us. Something special that I have high hopes for. I launched a Patreon page for my school in Burbank California. 

I haven't gotten into broad [promotion with it yet but so far we have 5 members lined up and I'm looking to see if I can interest any of you fanstastic and lovely folks here to consider either entering the program or supporting it in a small way.

The idea is to build an educational community on Patreon that uses the monthly based crowdfunding site as an alternation or an optional resource for artists out there who are looking to improve upon their work. Especially character designers and artists who'd like to develop and improve their skills as they apply to animation and related fields.

This is something new on Patreon and new for me. I've been conducting classes online for going on 2 years now and I've gotten very experience at it. I'm looking to migrate to Patreon and develop something that will give everyone an opportunity at affordable education at varying levels. And if you're not an artist a resource that will inspire you to create and also to support The Animation Academy in Burbank which has done great things for many people. I've had the school for 20 years this January and I'm excited about taking it in a new direction. I think Patreon is the perfect way to go.

Looking to expand our core group for new and amazing things with exciting prospects and potential.  

Consider signing up by clicking on the graphics above or the text links to the Academy's Patreon site. And if you know of others who'd benefit from something like this please pass the word along. I sincerely thank you! 

Keep Creating !!

Charles Zembillas
Director and Founder
The Animation Academy
Burbank California


Gabriele.T92 said...

I don't know how I've missed this post in the past days! Patreon is a powerful tool, I see a lot of people, from artists to youtubers use it and being able to fund their content thanks to the help of their own fans. Usually it's a singular person business but what you want to do is something I've never seen before and an interesting take on the Patreon system! For what I can gather your students will post there too? Or is it just the teachers doing tutorials and lessons to donators?
In any case it is a great initiative, I'm looking a the page right now and I'll see if I can become one of your supporters: I would love to be taught by one of my artistic inspirations, that's not something that happens everyday eheheh.

Charles Z said...

Hello Gabriele. It's a combination of subjects. We have 6 people on Patreon and we're looking to reach 10 as our first goal. I'm especially interested in artists who have original projects they want to develop and refine. Creators who want to get as good as they can be while coming up with unique content.

It's not expensive at all and it will make a difference in the quality of your work. There's tutorials, reviews of student assignments, career guidance videos, advice on contracts, business, as well as improving your skills and design abilities. Positive things!

Gabriele.T92 said...

I'm more and more interested in the initiative, it looks the best way to learn art and refine my style as a cartoonist and it's extremely cheap to! Right now I have university to think about but I'll think about becoming a "student" if that's the correct word for it.

Charles Z said...

You could be a student or a supporter of the school or even sponsor a monthly scholarship for students who need a little help financially. I've been creating content for Patreon and some of my instructors are working on videos as well. Thanks for your interest and good luck in university Gabriele! Strive for excellence with everything you do.