Friday, December 15, 2017

At Walt Disney's Grave for Japan TV - Dec 15 2017

Today is a special day in history as Walt Disney left this mortal earth way back in 1966. On his birthday which is 10 days earlier on Dec 5 I've been making a pilgrimage of sorts to his grave in memory and to pay respects. Been doing that each year since 2008. The past few years I've been recording videos of my visits and put them on YouTube. They came to the attention of a TV show in Japan called "Graves of the Heroes" A film crew came in from Tokyo and interviewed me today in front of the cemetery. It will be broadcast in March next year I'm told.

It was an interesting experience and the people were great. Sees also that Crash Bandicoot is pretty popular in Japan. In any case I placed some flowers at Walt's grave site and this is what it looked like on the 51st anniversary of his passing.

If you'd like to see my last birthday visit to Walt on Dec 5 take a look at the video below. Rest In Peace Walt.

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