Monday, May 20, 2013

Crash Bandicoot - Origin of N Tropy - Part 4

Here's a couple more development images of N Tropy from Crash Bandicoot 3. Dated January 22 1998 which was the first design pass on the character. Two more sessions would follow a little later. These drawings are among the initial material created for the character.


Matt said...

Last ones for sale!

Unknown said...

Hey Charles, what inspired you to give N. Tropy his two-string facial goatee? It is actually really interesting.

Charles Z said...

I think I was inspired by Fu Manchu. The touch would make him look more dastardly.

Mysteria said...

Hey, Charles!

These pictures are really great! I really like the upper drawing.

By the way, here's my drawing, I made with computer:

What do you think about it? :)

I don't know, if the link works, so, I hope, it works...

- RL

Charles Z said...

Hi Mysteria.

What I like to do when drawing characters is to define their anatomy first. Once you have the underlying forms established you get a stronger result with the finished sketch. I teach this method to my students and they always see an improvement with their own work. The illusion of form is essential when attempting to draw convincing characters in this style. I can see that you're aware of it in certain areas of your sketch. You need to be a little more thorough. Something to keep in mind.

Thanks for your comments and for the link to your work. Good luck!