Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jak and Daxter anatomy

Part of the development art I created in 2000 for "Project Y" which was later named Jak and Daxter had to do with assisting the naughty Dog crew in understanding the anatomical structure for modeling purposes of some of the characters being created. This is a drawing I came up with to give a better understanding of the lead character who eventually became Jak. This is what he was looking like at the time.


Matt said...

The way the characters in Jak are designed it seems that only slight changes can determine whether they are male or female, Iv noticed the eyes stand out a lot in the characters.

Charles Z said...

The eyes did indeed become a factor in the design method for many of the characters. As far as gender goes my original intent was to have a clear anatomical distinction between male and female characters. Naughty Dog determined what to do with the concepts I was providing for them.