Monday, July 15, 2013

Jak and Daxter girls - Part 5

Hi again everyone! Hope you're doing well. Thanks for hanging around. I'm back in Burbank after a few days off attending to personal matters and having a good time in general. Now it's back to work having fun.

Thought I'd get things going with another look at some of the female design concepts from Jak and Daxter when it was called "Project Y' in the year 2000. These ladies were ideas for a character that was not intended to be very nice. I did several versions of her and these three were among my favorites. 


Matt said...

Missed seeing your art updates!

Charles Z said...

Thanks Matt.

Unknown said...

Hey there Charles! Great to see ya back!

I like these designs for the female characters in Jak. Did the mean girl designs inspired you to design one of the main villains of the games Maia?

SimplyMark said...

#2 definitely seems more like a villain or a rival, I'd try some of those palm cactus hairstyles on her

Charles Z said...

Good to be back guys, thanks. I learned a little something about my blog while I was away. Even though several days went by without an entry traffic has been steady none the less. Glad folks are enjoying the art they find here. At least I'm assuming that's the case.

Anyway, in regards to this character, much of what I did on J&K was to inspire and lead the crew at ND towards resolution on many of their characters which were only concept when I was working on them and didn't have a name yet. That was the case with this series of drawings.