Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Character Head Rotation demo

Hello folks! Last night in the Character Design 1 class at my school I helped a student understand the basic concepts behind a head rotation. This is a continuation of what I featured a few days ago on my blog in connection with the raccoon head designs. 

Rotations are a vital aspect of what a professional character designer must be able to do. It's the bridge between concept and production. I make a point to my students of being able to come up with professionalsstandard character rotations as part of one's skill set. 

This technique was a simple line up on a single sheet of paper. It's easier to do that the animation technique on multiple sheets of paper on a lightbox disk as is the traditional method of animation but it's not as accurate so you have to be very diligent during the process to keep your character on model. Rotations are also a handy exercise in improving your artistic abilities. I recommend practicing them as a creative challenge.

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