Thursday, March 20, 2014

Project update - Aiming for April 1 2014 release

Howdy friends and neighbors! Thanks again for indulging the long breaks between posts. Been staying on the special project I've been telling you about. Making progress every day even around the swirling life I live. I've been communicating with my webmaster and we're getting a dedicated site ready for the project. If all goes on schedule on the website side of things I'll be publishing at or about this coming April 1 2014. Just a few days from now.

I'll follow up soon to fill you in on what this is about and provide more information. In the meantime I'm really looking forward to sharing art with you again. This will be very unique and unusual. A long time in the making. My hope is that you'll enjoy it as much as I have developing it.

Thanks very much for the visits to my blog which continue to come every hour even though I haven't posted any visuals to speak of for weeks. I very much appreciate it and am looking forward to having a lot of creative fun in the company of all you cool people.

God bless! See you in a little while.

Charles Zembillas
Burbank California


Garrett Wilson said...

I've just recently found out about your blog, and I must say in reading a lot of it, I am already excited to see what you're up too.

Charles Z said...

Hi Garrett. Thanks for checking in. It's on the way. A few more days and it'll be launch time.