Saturday, March 29, 2014

Special Project - April 1 2014 - What to expect

Hello again everybody!

Ready to rock?

In just a couple of days I'll begin the process of publication of the project's content. Here's what you can expect to experience.

This will be the launch of a character based franchise. A property that's been in development for many moons and whose time has come. You can expect to see an online comic / storybook. Chapters will be published thrice every two weeks. For example, on Monday and Thursday one week, on Wednesday the next and alternating that way as we build up from there.

There's a good deal of content that will take you into a special story. Characters you've never seen before and a narrative that is unusual. 

Here's what you can do to help this become even more special than it is. Help to promote it if you would please, through your own channels, networks and connections. Let's turn this into a creative experience that changes the way things are done. We can build an original worldwide franchise just by having fun.

If the website isn't ready by Tuesday I'll be publishing on my blog and then continue there once it's operational. In any case, publication will commence here with a great community I'm happy to interact with. 

Thank you friends! 

I'll be back on April 1 as we begin the journey!

Keep Creating!

Charles Zembillas
March 29 2014
Burbank California


Garrett Wilson said...

Having gotten into numerous comic online anyway, I hope this one is great, given the hype you've brought about.

Charles Z said...

If it doesn't live up to expectations I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.

Matt said...

I'd happily tweet it out. I only have 288 followers on Twitter but I'm sure some will appreciate it!

Charles Z said...

Thanks Matt. We'll see how it goes. If you like the project and feel good about sharing it with your friends and followers that would be cool.

Landon Kemp said...

As a fan of your work on Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, and Jak & Daxter, as well as someone who is becoming interested in your other work, I'm incredibly curious about this project. You're hyping it up, but I'm just hoping it's not an elaborate April Fool's prank, given the release date of April 1st. Ah well, must be paranoia. Still, I'm looking forward to it.

Charles Z said...

Hi Landon. I've always considered April 1 to be a day of creativity. In fact some years ago I led a campaign in animation to make the day a holiday for artists.

To me hype and promotion are not quite the same. I understand hype in a somewhat negative context. Building something up that may not deliver. Promotion on the other hand is getting a positive word out about something that's on the way or available to experience.

I'm excited about getting to the point where I can publicly disclose the project. My enthusiasm is coming through so I'll be more neutral from here on out.

You guys will judge if the project is worthwhile and whether it should be pursued further.

Meanwhile let's have some fun and enjoy it for what it is.

Garrett Wilson said...

I will probably enjoy it, just as long as I remember to follow it.

Otherwise, listen to criticism, but don't spend all of your time on it.

Jacob Couch said...

No need to worry Charles! Once this is unveiled I'll make a shout out video on my YouTube channel concerning Crash fans and others to check out your new project and visit your blog. I really can't wait for tomorrow!

Charles Z said...

Hey there Jacob. Give it a couple of weeks for the narrative to build up. If you like it then you can share it with your network. There's no hurry. Meanwhile thanks for checking in. Getting things ready on this end. The website still needs some work so I'll be starting here.

Charles Z said...

Thanks for checking in Garrett and I hope you find the project a fun one to follow.

fanimation said...

Hey Charles, Can't wait to see your project....looking forward to it! John J.

Charles Z said...

Good to see you here John! Taking care of some last minute details. We'll be starting up soon.