Monday, June 09, 2014

While we're waiting - Some class demos

Getting some new pages prepped for the next chapter of the Montgomery Thump story I've been featuring lately. Why not take advantage of this window to show some recent images I've created while helping out students in the Character Design 1 class at my school The Animation Academy in Burbank, California.

This was a head rotation demo I did as an exercise in developing strong production skills. I asked the class for an idea and they came up with a little girl in the 1960s. I asked them how long they thought it would take for me to complete a standard 5 pose rotation. One student guessed 45 minutes. This as as far as I got in 43 minutes while being interrupted three times to help some of them with their own assignments.

A couple of days later another student was having trouble visualizing their character in a dimensional rotation. So I took it upon myself to show her how a very simple graphic character can be pivoted to describe form.

This past week I drew for students in helping them understand how character concept design is approached. Here's a few samples of what I came up with along a single simplified theme.

Always enjoy the opportunity of creating while in the company of artists who are willing to learn and looking to have fun in an educational environment.


Landon Kemp said...

That girl in the first image is really adorable. Have you considered using her for anything or is that just a demo example? Regardless, it looks like you're just as good at drawing cute characters as you are wacky, stylized "cartoonier" characters.

Rodolfo Toretti said...

Hey Charles! draw more Crash!!

Charles Z said...

Thanks for your comments Landon. This was a fun departure. I like to create art in a wide range of styles and approaches.

Rodolfo I will do my best to draw more of Crash.

Matt said...

World Cup Crash! Haha