Sunday, August 10, 2014

Checking in to say hello

Hey there everybody. Want to say hi and thank you for continuing to visit my blog. I've been away for a couple of weeks on an emergency and am back in the saddle in Burbank as of this writing. Really surprised to see the steady traffic the blog gets even after a long pause. Guess there's so much content up now that it kind of has a life of its own.

I've dug up lots of old vintage stuff. A large amount of original never been seen He-Man and She-Ra images from the development of the series in the 1980s and more. Plus I'm set up with some new equipment that will let me scan this art more efficiently. I'm generating new work all the time and am still tracking down Thump to see if he's found the animated video from the 1990s if you're following the project so far.

There's a big cache of images from Crash Nitro Kart on deck as well.

Back soon with more art to share. Thanks again and wishing you the best.

Charles Zembillas 


Rodolfo Toretti said...

Amazing Charles!
Coincidence or not, I was thinking Crash Nitro Kart these days: By chance, do you elaborated and drew the karts too? :)

Charles Z said...

Hi Rodolfo. That was John Nevarez who designed the karts for CNK. He's a great artist. Soon after the project he went to work for Pixar. He was there for the past several years.