Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Joe Pearson's Crash Bandicoot - "Crash Gordon"

Busy isn't the word for it friends. That's the reason why I haven't been able to attend to my blog. I offer my sincerest apologies and pledge to get back to featuring art and the creative projects I'm involved with as soon as I can.

Meanwhile my buddy Joe Pearson has come to the rescue by providing me the opportunity of showcasing some original Crash artwork he came up with recently. This was done for one of Matt's auctions for the Worthing Boys Club in the UK. Joe calls it "Crash Gordon" playing off of the venerable Flash Gordon sci-fi hero. 

As I'm sure many of you Crash fans know Joe Pearson was a major force in the development of the project. He was the creative epicenter of it all. I'm expecting Joe to stop by my school for a visit later today. It'll be great hooking up with him once again.


Mynamelols said...

(Followup from previous message because something went horriblys wrong and glitched :U #Computercatchonfire)

I was wondering if i could contact you somehow, maybe by email c:

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Joe Pearson's style is really reminiscent of comic books, like Marvel or DC, with heavy shadows and cool camera angles.
I would love to see a new project (Not necessarely a game) with you two artists heavily involved!

Hunter H said...

It is nice to see some art coming from Joe Pearson. I liked his art in nitro kart and so fourth.

Gerardo VillafaƱa said...

I want another crash... And spyro game.... Like the old ones... They was so good... u _ u on the wii u or some where but please don't kill crash...

Gribouille Smiley said...

I like that!
Are you going to put it in color?

I did a similar thing here:


and there:


it was very fun!

Charles Z said...

It's Joe Pearson's art so I would l leave it to him to color or maybe someone can pick it up and try coloring it for fun.

Gribouille Smiley Your own color work is very good! Nice stuff.

Gribouille Smiley said...

oh thanks!