Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Project A / BC - Auction 2 in progress

Hello fantastic people I hope you're doing great!

Here's the second of the three auctions for Project A / BC the fundraising collaboration between The Animation Academy in the USA and The Worthing Boys Club in the UK.

This drawing is among the group that were lost in the mail and wound up in Brazil for over three months. They finally made it to the UK and are now being offered to fans of Crash Bandicoot original art.

I drew the picture in class at my school while sketching with my students on December 6 2012. It's not every day that I conjure Crash scratching his ass. There are very few original drawings I've created of Crash Bandicoot that are in private ownership. This is your chance to be one of those individuals and to help the Academy and Worthing BC do positive things.

Here's the link to the auction. It wraps up on March 24 2015.

Good luck and much happiness to you!


Fan Art n' Fun said...

I'm LOVING all the artwork here. Especially all of the Crash Bandicoot concept art. Are you self taught, enrolled in various art schools or both? I have only done one piece of "Crash Bandicoot" related fan art featuring Ripper Roo. - (copy and paste)

The girl 'roo is Ripperleena. A fan based character. Yes,one of those sorts of characters based on a favorite franchise.
I would someday love to draw Crash Bandicoot (albeit,with the tail he was going to originally have.) But there's so many designs for him.I'll eventually draw him. Sorry for acting like a fan,but I enjoy looking at cartoon sketches, doodles and conceptual art.

Do you plan to ever go full digital with your works,I mean using a tablet, stylus and digital art programs?

Please take your time replying.
- Ginger.

Charles Z said...

Thank you Ginger for your comments. Your sketch of Ripper Roo and Ripperleena is nicely done. I like the new character.

I went to art school in Chicago for 2 years after 4 years of college as an art major. Towards the end of art school I was recruited by Hallmark Cards. That's where I started my professional career. I continue to learn every day in some way.

I create digitally as well as in traditional / analog ways. I like to use both. Since what we focus on at my school is in developing fundamental skills I tend to work non-digitally for the most part. Plus working on paper is fun and there's no re-do button. It's the real deal.

Thanks again for checking in and I enjoyed your art! Your talented and good with character design.