Thursday, April 02, 2015

Project A / BC - Auction 3 in progress

Hello there everyone!

The third and last auction of an original Crash Bandicoot drawing I came up with is now up and running through this Sunday, Easter Sunday by the way, April 5 2015.

This is the third drawing from the series that was lost in the mail and spent 3 months in Brazil before making it to the UK and the Worthing Boys Club which is managing the auction. Project A / BC which you can read about below.

Here's the link to the auction.

This drawing is very special because it's the first time I started drawing Crash again after a very long hiatus. It was created on June 13 2012.

Proceeds will benefit both my school The Animation Academy in Burbank California and The Worthing Boys Club in West Sussex UK.

Thanks for checking in and to all those who participated in the auctions so far thank you for helping to make them a success!

Charles Zembillas 


Quarto do Marllon said...

I have a question , I could use some images to concept for a game I'm doing to study game development. Making a 2D crash game

DingoCrash said...

Hello Charles I recorded this video and dedicated it to you in a way Tell me what you think about the things I talked about

Charles Z said...

Thanks for your patience with my reply. Sorry that it's taken so long. Sometimes life has its distractions.

Quatro if the images are not used for commercial purposes I don't have a problem with their use in learning game development. Again, I apologize for not getting you a response sooner and I hope your project turned out okay. Thanks for being professional and considerate in asking.

DingoCrash, I'v watched a few minutes of the video and am happy to be acknowledged. I'll view the whole thing soon. Please remember for future purposes that my name is phonetically pronounced - zemBILLus - with the accent on the middle syllable. Thanks once more and I'm looking forward to seeing the entire video.