Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Crash Bandicoot on Facebook

The Crash fans who visit here might be interested to know about a relatively new Facebook site administered by Matt Wallace that focuses on some of the aspects of the history of Crash. In particular the story... or rather the untold story ... of my buddy David Siller who was the original producer of the very first Crash Bandicoot game. David never got the real credit he justly deserved as far as his contributions to the creation of Crash and they were significant. Joe Pearson the genius behind the creation of Crash from the Willy the Wombat days also participates on the site. 

I know what David did for the project back in the day when it was being developed. I was there and witnessed it for myself. So head on over to Crash Bandicoot The Untold Story on Facebook and interact with David and Joe and Matt and the rest of the Crash fans who hang out there. You'll learn new things plus it's a great Bandicoot based community to be involved with!


Albert Miiros said...

Hello there Charles Zembillas! I´m a 15 year old boy from Finland and I love your pictures of Crash Bandicoot.I have created and planned a new Crash Bandicoot game which follows the events of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. I have a question about one of your pictures. Could you please send your email address to mine so I can talk with you about it?

Best regards!

Albert Miiros

Hunter H said...

Hello charles and thank you for mentioning this community. I immediately followed it on Facebook and looking through it reminded me of how i drew crash all the time. I've been busy with school and outside projects and hopefully I could get some spare time posting some fanart for people to see.
Anyway cheers dude, have a good day.

Charles Z said...

Hunter same to you. Cheers and wishing you a good day every day.

Albert you can contact me through my school The Animation Academy. Head on over to and you can send a message and I'll get it. Email is something of a problem for me as it can get backed logged so please be patient and I'll follow up.