Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Marker Board Notes etc

Sometimes creative productivity comes in different ways. When there's not enough time to do art I can fall back on some of the lectures I give at my school. In this case I shot photos of some of my marker board notes from the other night in the Character Design class. The images on the board transform as I progress through the lecture. This is what I wound up with at the end. The images at the bottom corners of the first one come from students who like to have fun. I respect the drawings they do and worked around their sketches.

Here's a couple of extra sketches I was able to bang out. The first is from helping a student with their concept development work. The image at the lower right is his initial drawing. The others are what I did to give him some direction as to where he could go with the idea. The last drawing is from Visual Development while sketching with the class.

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