Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Elf Head color demo

I've got a pretty good crop of online students now as 2016 marks the year that I started teaching this way. In addition to my on site classes in Burbank that is. This approach has given me an opportunity to work with individual students and spend a little more time doing demonstrations in Photoshop. Here's what I came up with last week. I took a blue pencil drawing which was a demo from a couple of years ago and manipulated it digitally to change the line color to black and used that as a base for rendering simple color and gray tone. I used tints and then built up a more opaque application on areas such as the cheek, nose, forehead and the tip of the ear.  The original drawing follows the digital version below.


Vanilla Latte said...

Wow! I never knew you teached students digitally (If I read that correctly), just how old would someone need to be to join? That drawing is outstanding! Unlike me, you can draw elves, humans, dragons, bandicoots, and more and I struggle alot more! Are you going to make a drawing for Christmas or New Year's? I would like to see that happen! I also want to wish you a merry early Christmas! (This is because I won't be online on Christmas, haha.)

Charles Z said...

I conduct online classes through my school. I use demonstrations as part of my teaching method during the sessions. Just finished another one that I'll be posting soon that came out pretty good. Something special. Yes I like to draw all sorts of things. When you get your fundamentals skills down and practice a lot you can create anything you want. Merry Christmas to you too Vanilla Latte.