Friday, December 23, 2016

Spyro's First Flight

I had a lot of fun doing this. It started as a quick sketch concept demonstration for a Visual Development student that I teach online. With each progressive session I worked on it a little more refining the composition and if I had extra time on my own I'd work on it some more.

Here's the final art as I imagine this being Spyro the Dragon's first flight through the air as a youngster. A confident little tyke from the start. It's my Christmas present to all the devoted Spyro fans out there who love the character and who frequent my blog. Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone joy and happiness and creativity with all you do in life. May you soar to new heights in the New Year!



RubbberRabbbit2 said...

Nice! I really like the shading and lighting here. And this one's interesting... it's quite reminiscent of Spyro's design in Skylanders, mostly because of his color scheme being only purple and yellow(but also his somewhat unpleasant, mischievous expression). Which makes me wonder - I remember seing a green Spyro in early footage of the game, but he ended up purple and yellow/brown/red - was this whole process something Insomniac Games handled on their own, or did you also give some input? Did you have a personal, original scheme in mind, or was Spyro's initial design made without any specific ideas about color?

Crash4563 said...

Sort of looks like Skylanders Spyro design but I like all of the Spyro the Dragons designs apart from the Legend of Spyro not a fan of that series and design. That's why Spyro needs a revival and a remade of the first three games with Stewart Copelands music remixed and Tom Kenny MUST come back to voice Spyro he has not voiced the character since Enter the Dragonfly he was the perfect voice for the character.

If Crash can get a remake of the first three games so can Spyro. Oh yeah heres my question do you think Crash and Spyro can co-exist in the same universe Charles?. (Crash and Spyro did have a crossover game.)

Thanatos86 said...

With so many spyro and crash pics and this year being labeled "The year of the bandicoot", it was nice to see a lot of old and new art dealing in both series and it brought to me some nostalgia from the old PS1/PS2 era. But then I got to thinking; Is Jak and Daxter already overdone on this page? Or is it simply that there isn't any remaining unseen old concept pieces / that's not your style anymore? I kinda miss seeing old Jak And Daxter stuff on your blog and I was really hoping we could see something in the near future regarding it. Of course, I understand if there's ANY reason you can't or just simply don't want to draw/post in that area at any time.

Vanilla Latte said...

This is so beautiful! The shading on this is really good! The sky background is almost realistic! This is an awesome work of art!~