Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Buddha Lady

This is a class demo in progress. I plan on finishing it in black line soon. We were discussing Buddhism and I got the idea of a female Buddha type character so I came up with this image while drawing with students.


Stephen Jerzak said...

Charles Zembillas, another great design! I originally came to visit your blog because you created my favorite characters (aka Crash), and loved to see your modern interpretations. Seeing your other design work has made me truly into a fan of everything that you do. You really translate your concepts into your characters well. I've been visiting for years, and I'm still waiting for a chance to own your original art. I would be very interested if you do comission work! Otherwise, please put some art up for sale!


Charles Z said...

Thank you Stephen for your excellent compliment. I've been taking on some commissions of late and am arranging to get some recent Crash art on Ebay and will also sell personal art in some way. We'll see how it goes. Thanks again and wishing you well!