Saturday, July 15, 2017

Catching up again

Howdy there lovely people and thanks for checking in. Man it's been going strong at my school as we're at full capacity both in class and online. Time has been demanding the past few weeks but I've accomplished a lot and things are stabilizing nicely. I'm getting a few moments where I can whip up a demo usually online. So here's a few that I've created lately as part of the lesson. 

Thank you kindly for checking in and following my blog in light of my absence.  You're marvelous and special. Good luck to everything you do. Have fun with your art and all things creative!.


Hazman said...

Very groovy art. pun intended. It's great to see that your back. Hey I've been posting some original drawings and would like to know what your opinion them is.

Hazman said...

Whoops! Sorry. Forgot to put the link in. Here it is.

Charles Z said...

Hey there Hazman. Thanks for your comment. Your art shows potential. You're a good sculptor! What are you looking to do with your talent?

Bandicoot Latte said...

Hi Charles!
It's been a while,eh?
Awesome art! I love the mix of orange and purple, ha.
I,unfortunately, don't have any art to show you that I made recently online. I have Instagram, but I don't think you have one. Anywho! I just wanted to reveal that I'm working on a Crash web series! In honor of N Sane Trilogy, I did this to show how much I care about Crash's return. I already have voice actors and 7 pages done so far! I'm planning to put it on YouTube soon' so I'll give you the link when its done.
Oh! Have you played N Sane Trilogy yet? I just played the demo, but god, am I horrible! It was my first time playing the original games and I kept dying on N Sanity Beach! I didn't even know how to spin,ha!
Sorry for the super duper long comment, I'm super glad you posted something on here!

Gabriele.T92 said...

Great sketches as always! Really like the alien-esque figure in the last drawing.
I know you are very busy but when you have a little bit of time check out this funny guys drawing Crash Bandicoot characters in the strangest ways immaginable:

Hazman said...

Thanks for your comment. I would like to work in something like the animation department. I do have ideas that I can use for a show but think I need some proper training first. Thought I'm thinking of doing some content creating on something like Youtube and see if I can get some attention and if people like it.

Charles Z said...

Hi Bandicoot Latte and thanks for your comments and update. Haven't played the game yet but the feedback I'm getting is positive from those who have. I wish you luck with your project. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

Howdy Gabriele. Watched the video you linked to. Those guys are having fun and they also have a gigantic following. Only thing is that Butch Hartman had nothing to do with the creation of Crash. I don't know if they were dishing for comedy but if they weren't they need to get their facts straight. Thanks for bringing this around I enjoyed it.

Hazman some training would be very beneficial and help immensely. You can take what you're doing to much higher levels with some guidance and practice. In any case enjoy yourself! Keep creating and stay productive. That's what matters the most. Try to outdo the last thing you've done and move forward with your art.

Bandicoot Latte said...

Same! I'm so glad to see the game having positive reviews!
Thank you so much! That means alot for our tiny team!❤
Have an awesome week, Charles!

Bandicoot Latte said...

Super sorry about posting to replies but I wanted to ask something. I showed the team your Rethinking Crash Bandicoot posts and I was wondering if we can use one of the designs?

Gabriele.T92 said...

Thanks for your response mr. Zembillas. About the video: Apparently some time ago a couple of sketches by Butch Hartman with a strange Crash Bandicoot design appeared online. David Siller posted these in a facebook group about the development of the original game (I don't know if you remember that), so they were probably talking about this.
By the way here they are if you want to check them out:

Albert Miiros said...

Hello Charles!

Long time no see!
It´s great to see that you´re back!
Hope you´re doing great man!

Cool pictures, as always. I like the color combinations on the first two.

Speaking of Crash by the way, I´ve also bought the N.Sane Trilogy. I did it immediately the day it came out. I love it! The gameplay is perfect, according to me. There´s just some small details that are just a little wrong, like Crash´s jump. At some places, I feel his jumps are a little bit too short. But that´s nothing! Otherwise the game is marvelous! The graphics are amazing of course, and I also love the rebuilt cutscenes. The idea of playing as Coco in all three games, is also very good. I´m so glad that Vicarious Visions have remastered these games. They´ve done a great job!

Hopefully a good continuation will come to these three games one day soon, where I would love to have Tawna included as well, who´s helping Crash, Coco and Aku Aku to gather crystals, gems and relics and then defeat Cortex and his henchmen (like in my game).

Crash Team Racing remastered would also be great!

Speaking of a continuation, I´m writing right now on my story to my Crash game plan I sent to you that day. It´s been more than a year now, right? Time is running so fast. I know that Vicarious Visions couldn´t accept my plan, but I still want to finish it before I´ll let it be. I´ve changed many things with my story during this time, so therefore I haven´t finished it yet, even though I´ve been working on it for quite some time now. It´s not so easy all the time. But now, I´ve almost finished it. I´m on page 111 now! :D
There´s just some pages left, and then it´s finally complete, I hope.

This is not important, but in March, I finally drew Coco as well. I sent you the pictures of the bosses and three of the good characters (Crash, Tawna and Aku Aku) if you remembered, but I didn´t have drawn Coco then. I will also draw their three pets Pura, Polar and Baby T. as well. Hopefully one day soon. :)

Anyway, you know this, but I don´t know if I would have kept on with my project if you
hadn´t encouraged me so much! Thanks again for it! I know I always thank you, but I really mean it when I say it! I´ve written in my story, at the credits: "Special Thanks: The great artist Chares Zembillas".

This project has kept me busy these last three years. It´s been so fun!

It´s always nice to follow your blog, and it was great to hear from you again. Sorry for the long message, but I just want to say that I´m so happy and thankful!

I wish the best of luck to you, as always! Have a good day Charles! I hope you´re having a great summer! :)

Cheers man! Take care!

Best regards!

Your fan,
Albert Miiros

Tara McKee said...

Hello Charles! I haven't commented on your work in some time so I thought I'd come take a peek at what you've been posting here as of late. It's always good to see your art, Crash related or not! Lovely work as always.
Like all us Crash fans, I have been enjoying the N-Sane Trilogy, and I hope you'll get a chance to check it out too sometime! :-)

Anyhow, I just wanted to ask a quick question. Would you by any chance, ever do a sketch commission or two? It's been a dream of mine to own at least one drawing done by you; I've already commissioned most of my other art idols, but none who have had a hand in the Crash series before.
But yeah, I'm just curious! Even if it's just something rough, heh. Not sure if you've ever answered that question on here before.

Thanks and good luck with everything!


Charles Z said...

Bandicoot Latte - If there's a version of Crash you like go ahead and use it. Include me on the credits and it's a deal.

Gabriele.T92 - I stand corrected! I followed up on the link and indeed Butch Hartman was involved with Crash / Willy even before I was. From the dates on the fax cover page looks like he was creating concepts while Joe and his lawyer were negotiating the deal. At our meetings I don't recall seeing those images and I'm sure they were never brought up by ND. Maybe it was something David Siller was coordinating through Universal. In any case it's good to be aware of this aspect of the history of the project. Thanks for clearing that up.

Albert Miros - Good luck to you with your project! I hope you have great fun and learn from the experience. Sounds like everyone is giving the remastered Crash positive reviews. When dedicated fans like yourself are happy then I know that they did it right. Thanks for checking in!

Tara McKee - I have several requests for commissions and I'm sorry to say I'm backed up right now. I hope I haven't offended anyone who's been waiting so far. Incoming keeps me busy and is normally more than I can get out the door in a timely manner. I'd like to do commissions as it helps with my school plus I enjoy the chance to draw. I'll be working towards accommodating requests once things lighten up a little. Just have to be patient right now until I can figure this out. Thanks for your great comments and for checking in.

Bandicoot Latte said...

Of course! Also, me and my friend did a collaboration and we wanted to know your opinion on it!

Gabriele.T92 said...

I have to say Butch Hartman's take on the bandicoot is interesting, but I can't see that having the success of the Crash we ended up with: It looks pretty difficult to animate in an earky 90's 3D game.
It's interesting to nothe that some of the details stuck in the final design, like the mohawk, the sneakers and the lack of a tail.
In the end I much prefer the final design to this, it's more detailed and stylized but still simple and more in line with the Looney Tunes style.

Charles Z said...

Gabriele - I took a similar approach when I started on Crash in the beginning during the Willy phase. Can't remember if it's coincidence or if we were talking about the character this way. The final design worked out very well in the end.

B Latte - I'm very impressed! I see a few areas where it could use a little fine tuning but overall your art is very well done. Good color and I like the style. You did a great job! Thanks for posting the link. You and your friend are talented artists.

Bandicoot Latte said...

I see what you mean. We're both still improving so we will do everything we can to make it better! Doing the patterns on a soccer ball was a little hard though.
My friend said thank you for the compliment!~