Friday, July 28, 2017

Fox Character - Sketch - tone - color

Here's something from a couple of online sessions starting in character design and moving to vizdev. 
A simple and academic method for developing one's digital color skills and techniques. Drew this concept in Photoshop on a Cintiq and placed a light source on the image to create a shadow layer and enhance the dimensional illusion. 

Next I established the tonal relationships of the composition using tint layers...

Followed that up with a series of color tints and built up my highlights using a semi-opaque brush setting. The color I used is highlighted.

For those who enjoy viewing things horizontally...

We learned something and had a good time.

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Bandicoot Latte said...

Aww! Such a cute character, he looks like he could be a fox. I know this tutorial is definitely going to help me if I ever get Phototshop! I also have question if you would like to answer: I have a problem doing female anatomy, specifically breasts and the legs. Do you think having an art book about the human anatomy for art is going to help? Do you maybe have a few guides for doing breasts...?