Monday, March 26, 2018

Character concept demo backwards

Hello there! Hope you're doing great and thank you for continuing to follow my blog. It's been pretty darn intense lately as my school and life in general keeps me very busy. When I'm in these phases I just hold on tight and ride the bucking bronco waiting for a window where things slow down a little and I can catch the wind and go on to smoother sailing.

Earlier in the month I created a demo for my students in Character Design 2 which involves creating images with more complexity especially in the area of human anatomy. This is what I ended up with.

Before that the drawing was taken to a black line level on top of the blue pencil sketch.

And before that this is what the blue pencil image looked like.

And in the beginning we started with establishing the basic anatomy of the character.

If you take this approach with your own work you'll likely wind up with a stronger composition and solid characters. It's all about fundamentals!

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