Friday, September 13, 2019

I'm on Twitter

Lately people have been encouraging me to go to Twitter and open an account. I registered years ago in 2009 and left my account dormant. Over the past few months friends have really been getting on my case about launching it. So I started by developing some art dedicated to a Twitter theme.

A little while ago I drew some sketches of Coco Bandicoot. One in particular featured her with Crash. I thought that version of Crash would work well for what I had in mind and created a graphic for Twitter from it. Then I modified the image for header art on Twitter.

Late in the evening on Sept 11 the account went live. I though I'd get maybe 20 or 30 followers by the next day. Boy was I wrong.

Currently a little more than 24 hours later my follower count is at 1769 as of this writing.. 

Additionally I have 107 comments that need attending. 

I guess I've got my work cut out for me! Anyway my longstanding Blogger community is great and I will continue to interact here. If you're on Twitter and you'd like to follow me there you're welcome to do so if you like.

Here's the Twitter art I did. Thanks everyone! I'm a lucky person to have the attention of many wonderful people!



X said...

Funny, I didn't make a Twitter account at all until earlier this year.

The color of the art is beautiful. I followed you under my account TweeterX4 (I go by a lot of different names around the internet).

Hazman said...

I've all ready started following you on twitter under Blackslick. it will be interesting what will be in store for us. nice art, I can see it's from the Coco one.

Araceli "Kahn" Pereira said...

Good luck with your Twitter account! I'm not very active there but I'm going to follow you to support you there too.

Geb said...

It's good to see you on Twitter, by the way. It will be great to see new drawings there, and even art by your students, that could be fun.

Charles Z said...

Thank you everyone! I'm a bit overwhelmed with how fast the Twitter account took off. Very much surprised me. I'm going to get back on it soon. We'll see what happens and how it develops.

Nicholas Bayless said...

hey Charles, feel free to take a look at Nina Cortex and let me know you think of the character.
Heres the link

Gaëtan Boulanger said...

Hello Charles,
I didn't know how to contact you privatly so I'm taking my chance there.
My name is Gaëtan, I'm a French writer working on a book about Naughty Dog, from their beginning in 1984 to Jak X in 2005. Thus, I would be really interested to discuss your work on the Crash Bandicoot series.
I also contacted your collaborator Joe Pearson and he agreed to answer my questions as well.

If you are interested to participate, please be free to contact me on my email address:

Thank you very much!
Best regards,

Charles Z said...

Hi Gaetan. I'll email you soon.

Nicholas Bayless did you create that image? If you did then it's a great job! Very impressive work!

Nicholas Bayless said...

no i did not create the image it was from a game called "Crash Twinsanity"

Charles Z said...

I see. I'm aware of the character. I thought this was something you modeled on your own. She's a fun character. Good design.

Nicholas Bayless said...

Heres a character I re-sketch of a, sketch I did in high school the character's name is Skippy
then I recolored him

Charles Z said...

Your design for Skippy is very basic and has potential. Do some research into an artist named Preston Blair. He was an animator at Disney a long time ago. He authored a book about animation way back around 1960 which is commonly referenced today even after all these years. Do an image search and see how Preston Blair used construction to design characters. If you use this method and practice you'll see a big improvement in your character designs. I teach construction drawing for characters all the time. It's an industry standard approach.

Nicholas Bayless said...

what should I do to improve Skippy, or should I keep him the same way he is.

Charles Z said...

Start with the character's head and construct the design. Do a search for "Preston Blair head design" and you'll see lots of reference / examples of how to go about this. Then expand into the body. Don't worry about color at this point. Focus on defining the character with shape and form. Artists at the top studios in the industry know this method and utilize the process that's showcased by Preston Blair. That's where to begin. Give your character structure.

Nicholas Bayless said...

I re-sketch the character looks more consistent using Preston Blair designs, I would like to see what the Character would look like if you were to sketch him. Not saying you have to.

Gaëtan Boulanger said...

Hello Charles, I'm still waiting for your email about the book I reached you about! I'm not in a hurry but I figured that you must have forgotten about it.
Have a wonderful day,

Charles Z said...

Gaetan Boulanger thanks for the reminder and sorry for the delay. I'll be following up with you soon.

Nicholas Bayless I've been really busy and am way behind in things I need to get to. Honestly I'd rather do my own stuff as I'm anxious to get to my personal projects. They've been on the back burner for way too long. If I can swing it I'll do something with that character but I'm inclined to spend time in other ways. I hope you understand and can appreciate where I'm at with everything.

Nicholas Bayless said...

Charles Z I do know your busy and keep doing what you need to do or want to. and I do appreciate where your at, so thanks for letting me know where you stand keep up the good work.