Tuesday, September 10, 2019

My version of Ara Bandicoot

There's someone on my blog who goes by Araceli "Kahn" Pereira. She's a talented artist who came up with her own character called Ara Bandicoot. Ara plays with dynamite and she has a big crush on Crash.

Here's a link to her blog.

I was asked to draw her character in my style. The look she established is very good. I could get into it easily and do my thing. Took it through the blue pencil phase.

So here ya go and thank you kindly for being a follower of my blog!


X said...
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Araceli "Kahn" Pereira said...

OH MY GOD I have no words to express the excitement have right now! This is a dream for me! I feel very grateful to you! This is very very important for me, I really appreciate this beautiful and perfect drawing, I will frame it and I will have it in my room to see it every day!!! ♥♥♥ I LOVE IT. Thank you very much!!! really, it is a great honor for me that the artist who designed so many characters that formed a very big and important part of my childhood has drawn my character, I can't believe it! This made my day! You made me happy all my life by bringing Crash Bandicoot into our lives and now you just gave me a lot of happiness with this relic! Thank you! ♥ I am very happy to have found your blog to be able to continue seeing your works, you inspire me a lot with your artworks and your goodness! :)

Charles Z said...

Hello X! Why not let people see your art.

Dear Araceli I'm glad you like it. Coming from the Ara Bandicoot expert that is indeed special. I'm going to put it on my resume!

If you'd like a better quality image let me know. She's a fun character! You did a good job coming up with her.

Geb said...

Great drawing, this character makes me realize that there are no evil female characters in the series. Yeah there's Nina Cortex, the most fan fictiony of all the non-Naughty Dog characters, but I was more thinking about a classic animal mutant boss character like Tiny or Dingodile.
When I was young I used to draw fan made Crash characters too, most of them where boss characters with simple personalities and emphasis on how you fight them. I remember one being a Platypus with a surf board throwing bombs, I also remember a trio of construction worker wombats called Pit, Dig and Larry and the latter was the "weak spot" of the trio Crash needed to hit with a spin attack.
Anyway I don't know why I went so in details with all of this, nice memories I guess.

X said...
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Charles Z said...

Geb / Gabriele - Ara bandicoot would be a good female villain boss character. You're a talented artist. Try drawing the Crash characters you have in mind and let's see what you come up with.

X - Email can be a problem for me and you may be waiting a long time for a response. Find a place online and get your work out. If it's not perfect that's okay. Blogger is pretty simple and a good way to start.

Hermanni said...

Good day Charles, i'm amazed by your work as always (and honestly the first time i've ever been able to comment about your work personally).
Was this a commission? Because i'm admittedly curious to know if you were able to draw my OC or not.

Araceli "Kahn" Pereira said...

Thank you very much! I appreciate your kindness! and it makes me very happy that you like my character, it is important for me, a lot!

And of course you can draw her anytime, it will always make me happy! even if you want to experiment with her or if you have an specific idea, it will be a pleasure for me to see it. I really love how she looks in your style, it makes me imagine her as if she is in the game, I really love it!

Again, thank you!

P.S: the comments here are quite interesting.

TeiraNova (Twitter) said...

Wow this is so kind of you! It's a first to see a Crash fan-character done in your style too, I believe? Heheh if so, that is awesome :D she's super lucky! Wonderful work!

I just can't help but wonder, would you ever be willing to do commissions of this kind for other fellow fans? I would love to see one of my own, old Crash characters done in your style. It would be an honour, I would rather commission (pay) for one though myself!

(also, it's good to have you on Twitter now as well!)

Charles Z said...

Hi Hermanni and thanks for your comment. This wasn't a commission. Araceli invited me some time ago to draw her character. Ara Bandicoot looked interesting so I said I would when I has the chance. If you look at her blog you'll see she's developing the character. So I had something to work with other than just a picture or a sketch. I could understand the character plus I liked the look so I thought I'd do my version. It was fun for me and something of a courtesy for Araceli since she's a dedicated fan and has been active on my blog. As far as drawing your OC I'm not sure what you're referring to. I'm way backed up with commission requests. Following up and keeping track is tough I'm working on it. Let me know what you're talking about and I'll be able to give you a better answer.

Have fun with your character Araceli. I may do some more drawings. We'll see. She's your baby so give her love and attention and your character will grow along with your art.

Hi TeiraNova and thank you! I get a lot of requests for commissions. To the point where I need to attend to this area. As I mentioned above I'm working on it. I'll be able to handle requests for commissions in the near future. I launched my Twitter account and it took me by surprise. I didn't expect the reaction I got. It was very surprising to see all the new followers I have there overnight. I need to figure out what to do next.

TeiraNova (Twitter) said...

Hey Charles, that's totally understandable and no pressure at all :-) I'm not surprised you receive many commission requests! But yeah, only when you're ready and able - I'd be happy to commission you when the time comes. I've been a fan of your art since the 90's (CTR was when I first saw it, in the unlockable scrapbook I believe?) and then I found more of it on the internet during those Dial-up internet years, heh.

Either way, I look forward to seeing more from you! I'm glad fans were quick to find you through Twitter as well :D

Charles Z said...

Thanks again TeiraNova! Lots of activity regarding commission requests. Pretty much every day now. I'll be talking about it in a dedicated topic soon.

Unknown said...

What? You did a draw of an oc before other Crash characters?
Is a bit disappointed... I think that you will draw forgotten characters as Mega-Mix, Yaya Panda or Rilla Roo...

X said...
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danyq94 said...

This is amazing! Great work, Charles! And great work for one of the most famous Crash OC, Araceli! :D

But now we want Tani Tiger from Outcast Bandicoot ahah

Araceli "Kahn" Pereira said...

I will continue working on her and I will try to post drawings often in my blog so you could see my progress, it is important for me that you could see it! :) also I started to draw/practice more backgrounds/scenaries for my drawings now and I'm happy about it because I didn't dare to do it before.

Thanks for all, I appreciate all your words about my character and the beautiful picture, it made me very happy. Thank you!

Geb said...

Thank you very very very much for your praises, it means the world to me that an artist that I admire so much likes my work! Thank you!
By the way I already did draw my old characters a couple of days ago, here they are: https://twitter.com/GebF92/status/1172059623236526080?s=20

Charles Z said...

Nice work Geb!

Good luck Araceli you're a talented artist! Looking forward to your new stuff.

Thank you danyq94.

X that's a good looking character you've done. Post your art more often!

Unknown and TeiraNova thanks for your comments!

For general info I prefer to draw and come up with my own original material / characters. New things. I draw Crash and Spyro and other characters if I designed them. I draw other people's characters for fun. I prefer to innovate as opposed to going over what's been done before. That's the way I am creatively. I've always been that way ever since I was a little boy. Originality was is and will always be important to me.

Good luck with your art everyone and thanks for your positive comments!

Unknown said...

Can you draw Ripper roo driving his kart of CTR? I need that draw!

Charles Z said...

Unknown I'm not looking to disappoint you but there's a long list of people asking for me to draw characters from Crash. I'll try and do one with Ripper Roo at some point. He's a great character that I would enjoy drawing.

Mister Gribouille said...

HELLO Charles happy Holidays!
OMG It's Ara,
Wow this is a honor for her!
In 2017 i've made my version too:


Charles Z said...

Hello Mister Gribouille and Happy Holidays to you! Looks like she's a popular character. You did a fine job! Nice work!

Mister Gribouille said...

Thank You :)

Mister Gribouille said...

Hello Charles
I forgot to say that I have a lot of original characters
If you want, you can draw one of them:


The main characters are "Tabasy" and "Mr.Gribouille/Eden" (2008).

(in color):


Are you interested in some characters?

Charles Z said...

Hi again Mr G. You're also a talented character designer! You have an interesting look and style to your work. Right now I'm fighting for time to deal with everything I've got to do. As soon as a window opens I'll try one of your characters. You'll have to be patient. Thanks for the invite.

Mister Gribouille said...

Thanks again, Ok no problem.