Thursday, December 05, 2019

Elfin Girl Head Rotaton

Here's another class demo for my beginning character design students. I started it on November 5 then did the 2 back views on December 2 and completed the pencil line early today on December 5. Sometimes it's not possible to do the entire work at once so I break it into sittings and eventually complete the drawing in class.

I'm sure you've heard it before from me that rotations are an essential aspect of professional character design as they are the bridge between the concept and production. Also they're excellent practice for developing solid draftsmanship skill and they're fun to do.


Hazman said...

Hey There Charles. Nice rotation's. The girl actually looks a little bit like Coco!
Say I did this idea for Crash character, A mutant Megabat villain. I want to know your what your opinion is.

Charles Z said...

Hey Hazman that's a pretty good character concept! You would make a good student at my school. Artists at your level wind up doing very well. Anyway keep up the nice work and thanks for your comment!

danyq94 said...

Hey Charles, did you hear about the obscure character in the Crash series called Mr. Crumb?
He was born in a 1998 game, in the middle of the Naughty Dog era. It's part of a game that many people don't know about.
In recent times there are many fans who would like this character in CTR Nitro-Fueled. What do you think?
I'd be interested to know how you would redesign him to fit in the Crash style and universe.
Extremely grateful. Have a nice day.

Charles Z said...

Hello danyq94. I wasn't aware of this character. The picture doesn't show much. I'll keep him in mind and maybe try a few concept sketches. I'm getting a few ideas. It'll be fun. Thanks for bringing him to my attention!

Araceli "Kahn" Pereira said...

Great job Zembillas, it is always nice to see different characters and styles in your artworks.

And taking advantage of this comment: I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Charles Z said...

Thank you Araceli! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours and to everyone reading this message!

Araceli "Kahn" Pereira said...

Thank you!

X said...

Hi Charles. I made this full body rotation a few months ago:

I'm also trying to make him look more like a young adult. Does this drawing show that:

Charles Z said...

Hello X. You did a nice rotation. Your character does look a little more mature in that drawing. Very good! To put things in perspective if you were at my school you'd fit right in with the developing students. You're making good progress.