Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Crash and Tawna Together Again - 2020

Received a request for a reunion of Crash and Tawna. Drew this a few days ago. Hope it does the trick! 

I just realized this is my last drawing of the year and the decade!

A very Happy New Year to all you great people and thank you for following my blog all this time! Hope your best dreams come true in 2020! 


Mister Gribouille said...

Happy New year Charles!
I have a surprise for you! 3:°B


I hope you like it!

Charles Z said...

That's great! Thanks Mr Gribouille it's very impressive! The first time anyone has ever seen ArtShark's eyes. I wasn't sure if he had any until now. Thank you again!

Mister Gribouille said...

His design is a mix with 2 ArtShark.
LoL me too that's remind me those guys.


You're welcome.

Albert Miiros said...

Wow, it's incredible. Thank you for posting them again Charles!

Happy new year to you as well!

Charles Z said...

Albert good hearing from you! Happy New Year!

Mr G that's pretty interesting!

Geb said...

As said on Twitter I love this rendition of Tawna, and I hope to see other characters in your new style in the future! Happy new year!

Charles Z said...

Thank you Geb! Happy New Year!