Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crash doodles

Having fun with Bandicoot. Sketches in black line and red pencil while drawing with students in class.

Follow this link to the Bring Back Bandicoot Petition


Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

The second and third would be perfect for the 2D hand-drawn game I was imagining. One question. Did you draw something like that for the in-game animations in the original games?

Pat Caldora said...

I love it Charles!

It strongly resembles the development sketches of the refined Crash from the original Crash Bandicoot!

Charles Z said...

I drew some studies of Crash when I was first developing the game that were similar in approach as I recall. I was practicing with these sketches. He can be tough to draw. I was looking to keep my chops up and get him moving around a little.

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

So this means that we could see some Crasg Bandicoot sketchy animations by you? It would be amazing! But at the same time sad because this could be used for an animated series but Activision and Universal seem to be too stupid to make something like that.

Charles Z said...

I don't want to pass judgement on Activision or Universal or whoever has the power to create another Crash game, but I'm sure they'd be successful with it if they did a good job. Crash has a devoted following and is a well established property. Along with everyone else I'd like to see them do something new.

As far as animating Crash, my aim with these sketches was to move him around a little. I'm at the point with my drawings of the character where I want to portray him in action. We'll see what comes up.