Monday, October 08, 2012

Monstrous faces in the oddest of places

The macabre month of October continues! This goes way back. All the way to my days at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. The earliest of my art that I've shown on the blog so far dating to 1981. I really enjoyed my time there and have very fond memories. But sometimes it sure was tough to get into some of the job assignments. Except when Halloween production time came along. This particular project called for monster designs. Surrounded by fuzzy bunny art I let loose when the opportunity came to do some concept sketches for a door poster that would turn out to be a landmark production piece for the company. Afterwards I photocopied the individual drawings and pasted them together for a page in my portfolio. I used these images for many years for professional purposes in representing my work to employers.


fanimation said...

Charles, I just love these!! Thanks for posting them. I too love Halloween art........since I knew you back in the Hallmark days, I would love to see more of your work from there if you have it!

Charles Z said...

Thanks John. I'll get to the Hallmark stuff too.