Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monstrous fellow could have been Velo

I've been posting images from the development of Emperor Velo from Crash Nitro Kart for some time now and recalled that I came up with a concept as a class demonstration inspired by the character in 2002. This was painted with gouache which is the term for opaque watercolor. It was a line drawing first. I remember thinking this would make a good addition to the body of design work I was coming up with for the character since that's what I was doing at the time. I decided not to include it directly. Instead I used it as a basis for subsequent concepts for the character. And since it's October let's add the creature to the month's entries.



Pat Caldora said...

Now this design strongly resembles the final product. I could tell that you incorporated some elements into Velo's final design. You kept the reptillian-like skin, facial design, necklace/jewelry and the stone like goatee too. Did you incorporate your previous sketches into Velo's final design, Charles?

Charles Z said...

Hi Pat. Around this time I was settling in to the look that would become Velo. The painting was probably a continuation of the concept that was on my mind. Most of the previous sketches of Velo I didn't use except for one which Vicarious Visions favored. The next batch of development drawings I post you'll see how he emerges.