Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Crash Bandicoot - Origin of Coco - Part 2

Following up on my last entry. Here's a few more concept drawings from the origin of Crash Bandicoot's sister Coco. These also date from March 18, 1997 and there's still more from this sitting. Looking back it appears I was able to visually define her right from the beginning on the first day of working on the character. Her clothing changed but the design essence is evident early on from her inception. Not sure what order these were done in but it's pretty darn close chronologically.


Unknown said...

Now it's starting to get closer to the final design. Her head shape and hair design are intact, not to mention her eyes also. I do love the tropical clothing she has on, gives the game more of a tropics feeling.

Hey Charles, did ND ever give Coco a backstory? Also, where storyboards ever created for the cutscenes in the first three games?

Gabriele.T92 said...

I always believed that Coco was created during the year from Crash 1 and Crash 2 because Cortex needed a new right harm but she escaped and Cortex hired N. Gin.

Charles Z said...

Pat - I don't know if she was given a backstory or if storyboards were created. I think the answer is probably no. Storyboards didn't play much of a part in ND's production process as far as I know. I don't think I ever saw any storyboards for Crash until Joe Pearson did some on Nitro Kart. They could have been done but if they were I didn't see them.

The only thing I was ever shown by ND that came close to storyboards was a comic book from Japan that featured Crash and Cortex having a battle of some sort and they were both dressed in women's clothes. Even though I couldn't read the text the pictures made it funny. Very imaginative and off the wall.

Gabriele - Coco came about as a replacement for Tawna. She was factored into the story as an afterthought. She's a good character but I feel the series could've been even better if both Coco and Tawna were included. That way there would've been a balance in female personalities.

Unknown said...

Are you talking about the Japanese manga for Crash 2, Charles? We have it! One of our members scanned and translated it for us to read:

Gabriele.T92 said...

Yeah, I know the real life motivation for the creation of Coco, I was trying to create a backstory for here being a good character and not evil like everyone else except Crash and Tawna that Crash himself saved.

Charles Z said...

Say guys, I wonder if you could do me a favor. I would really appreciate it if you would help me once and for all set the record straight for posterity and for accuracy when it comes to the history of Crash.

At this link on the Crashmania site it states that Joe Pearson and I were hired to work on Willy the Wombat / Crash in March 1995.


In fact, we were hired three months earlier. We met with Naughty Dog in December 1994 and negotiated a contract at that time. We started working on Crash in January 1995. Joe actually started writing stuff prior to the signing of the contract. By March 1995 we already completed much of the initial development work for Willy / Crash.

The timeline is not accurate in this regard. This is what ND had on their site for a long time and it simply isn't true. We started officially working on the project in January 1995.

If the Crash timeline can properly reflect this it would mean a lot to Joe and I plus it would be historically accurate.

Thanks to whomever would help to rectify this!

Unknown said...

Charles, the modifier/creator of the webiste said that that it would be rectify by today.

tengg said...

May i ask you one question, Charles? It's real that Rilla Roo was going to be in CNK?

Unknown said...

Charles, it's been fixed!

Charles Z said...

Last coon, not sure if Rilla Roo was going to be in CNK or not. I don't recall the character being mentioned while development was going on. He might've been considered but I didn't hear about it. I was busy coming up with new stuff.

Pat, thanks for following up on this. That's a more accurate representation than what was there before. Please pass along mine and Joe's thanks. In homage to Joe his name should come first before mine.

Unknown said...

I just told the modifier/creator to put Joe's name first, so hopefully he'll do it as soon as possible Charles. Should we include that Joe left ND in Sept. 1996 due to misinterpretations made by ND as well?

Also Charles, what did that printout of the first 3D rendering of Crash looked like? Can we see it soon, no need to rush though, take your time.

Gabriele.T92 said...

You should see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Q4t0Jcmg42s

Cancelled in 2010, was in development for the Nintendo DS.