Monday, January 28, 2013

Crash Bandicoot - Origin of Coco - Part 4

I'm at the very end of the massive amount of work I've been prepping for publication of my next major project. Just about finished with the first big batch of art. A few more days and I'll be free to move forward on it. Meanwhile I've fallen a little behind in maintaining entries on my daily blog. Things will get back to normal soon. 

Let's catch up with more images from the origin of Crash's little sister Coco Bandicoot. These drawings are from April 8, 1997. After my initial pass on the character I began to refine her final design with a model rotation.


Unknown said...

Wow, Charles! I love the rotation on Coco, it strongly reminds me of the Crash one you posted back in November. The first image in that rotation is basically this art of Coco (only thing missing is the overall buckle):

Also, your friend Joe Pearson has shown me a lot of early art of Cortex too! I'll show ya:

Any of these ring a bell, Charles?

Charles Z said...

Hey there Pat. I do recall seeing some of Joe's initial concepts for Cortex. A few of these are new to me. Not everything that Joe was doing made it to me. Kind of got filtered through ND. We weren't working together in the same location. We were doing our thing on our own and then we'd hook up at Universal during meetings. You can see how quirky and offbeat Joe gets with his designs. Really helped to make Crash a very unique game. He has a great imagination.

Unknown said...

Yeah his imagination did branch out in the Crash games. He's posting dozens of background designs, character designs on his Facebook. You should check it out!

Charles Z said...

Had a long overdo conversation with Joe Pearson yesterday evening. It's really good to be getting all of this artwork out for Crash fans to see and appreciate. See how much work was done? When it comes to Joe Pearson he was the one who really conceived and molded the Willy the Wombat / Crash Bandicoot property. Between the two of us we created a huge amount of work right from the beginning even before ND had a place to set up production or any employees. It was way more than just tweeking the project folks. Now at least the truth is coming out. I'm happy it's seeing the light of day.