Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bird of a feather

This evening towards the end of the Character Design class I had an opportunity to sketch out a quick concept that came to mind. I was originally thinking of something different but a few changes to essential design elements gave rise to what's shown here. 


Unknown said...

Nice looking bird designs Charles!

Also, remember when Gabriel told you about naming the islands in Crash and you talked about David Siller who came up with the original gameplay mechanics? Here are a couple of pics that illustrate the design of the islands and their prototype names back in 1994/1995:

Here's something that's worth noticing, early designs of Cortex and early on the N on his forehead meant Nerdy instead of Neo. Check'em out:

And here's a surprise cameo appearance of Taz commenting on Willy/Crash:

Any of these ring a bell Charles or are they included in the bible?

Charles Z said...

Very good Pat. Those are schematic drawings that David Siller created early in the development of Willy the Wombat. Some of them are in the production bible. David's been phased out of the history of Crash by you know who. He played a significant role in creating important aspects of the game. He was there from the very beginning on the Universal side of things.