Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sometimes I feel like this

I think I did this about two years ago while teaching at Cal State University Northridge. I wasn't very fond of the drawing back then but it's grown on me since. 


Pat Caldora said...

Hey Charles, check this out! The successful Ratchet and Clank franchise is actually getting a feature film and will be released in theaters in 2015:

That's actually very impressive. Nice animation, over-the-top hilarity, and the animation studio is actually using the game assets from the Insomniac vaults! They're also bringing back the cast from the games too! Maybe this'll break the mold of "video game movie adaptions being bad" and see more successes in the future!

Imagine if Crash ever achieve this type of success. I still can't believe that Universal had a successful franchise on their hands and they didn't even make any merchandise out of it (besides toys, dolls, and all that small stuff).

Say Charles, when you were with Naughty Dog/Universal, did they ever mention a Crash movie adaption? I asked this before in September and you said that the way Universal was organized was really screwy, always changing heads and what not.

When I asked Joe Pearson about this, he told me, "There was talk a few years back from a couple of independent producers who wanted to set-up Crash film, but it didn't pan out. It might have been for the best as they were very low-budget guys."

What's your word on it?

Charles Z said...

Thanks for the word on the movie. That's big news! Excited about it. Actually around 2006 there was activity for a Spyro movie but it didn't go anywhere. This looks like a different situation altogether. Maybe we'll see other character based games break through.

From my time at ND & UI the only talk I heard was maybe the prospect of a TV series for Crash. They weren't necessarily big thinkers in that way. A stronger licensing department would have developed Crash in different ways but they did okay for who they were and what they had.