Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crash Bandicoot - Origin of Dingodile - Part 5

These are the last entries in the creation of Dingodile from Crash 3. They're dated February 12 1998. I was not provided with quality copies of this body of work by Naughty Dog and only have photocopies of the original images. In one instance I didn't get the entire composition. What I do have I'm showing here in black and white although the rendering was done with blue pencil along with black line. Color versions of the originals are online and you can see them through an image search of Dingodile.

The flame thrower was added after ND wanted him to be a fire breathing character. I suggested giving him a device to do this as it would make him much more interesting. This is as far as I went with the character. I'm happy he turned out well and that Dingodile has an enthusiastic following among Crash fans.



Pat Caldora said...

Ah yes, I recognize these designs. Charles, you were right about the blue pencil designs, they're scattered all over the old Naughty Dog website. You can also see several recolors of the character through sites such as DeviantArt. Here they are in their blueish glory:

And I do believe that the ND employee you mention Charles that requested a mix of a dingo and a crocodile was Joe Labbe right? That's what the ND website said in the description of the art.

Also Charles, check this out! If you seen Twinsanity, it harkens back to the golden days of Crash. From the environments to character designs. Check this in-game HUD done by artist Keith Webb (creator of Go Go Kokopolo!) for the Dingodile boss battle, it takes inspiration the third sketch:

Also, who do you plan to show and "Origin of" next Charles? Perhaps Ripper Roo, Tiny, N.Gin? The list goes on but I prefer being surprised what you have in store for us rather than demanding a character!

Gabriele Fiasconaro said...

Twinsanity's design have little to do with the original games but that's another story.
I remeber those drawings from the site too.

I agree with Pat: I would really love to see other characters studies and history, maybe N. Gin or Tropy or Uka Uka, because if I recall right Joe designed the other characters and you modified them a little bit.

Charles Z said...

Thanks for the links Pat. I don't know who came up with the name Dingodile. It could've been Joe Labbe.

Pat and Gabriele - I have more Crash art lined up. I'm looking for N Gin but can only find a copy of one sketch. I know there's more but it hasn't shown up yet. I'll find it sooner or later. In the meantime there's plenty to keep things going for a while.

Salvador C. Meza said...

That's the villain i love most from the game series. I wish Dingodile come back eventually.