Saturday, July 21, 2012

Character rotations are fundamental

I really impress upon my students within the program at the Academy just how important it is for character designers to be able to rotate the characters they design if they want to be considered professional. It's a fundamental skill that is important in production at the most basic of levels and also helps to improve your draftsmanship.

Here's an assignment I gave myself for a character concept sketched earlier in the week in the Character Design 1 class. It's a standard five pose rotation that was drawn one on top of the other on a peg bar. If you scroll up and down you'll see the individual images animate through the turn.

This is how the rotation looks as a line up.

Rotating your character designs is excellent practice for anyone who wants to be a character designer at a professional level as well as an outstanding exercise for artists looking for a challenge that will help them grow creatively.   

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