Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Elfin hairstyles

Last year I was working on a project. Early on in its development I found myself heading in this direction. It wound up going down a different path but the idea I had for the hair stayed on my mind.

Last night I picked up this theme in class and tried to work out some images that would have to do with hair styles for elves based upon what I was doing previously. After a few less than satisfactory attempts I was able to sketch out a design that had some intriguing promise.

Today I followed up on this and continued with a few more drawings. Some of my students mentioned they had seen a similar approach before in projects that have been in release. I went ahead anyway in hopes that I'd eventually find a thoroughly unique look if I kept exploring. Here's what I came up with this evening. 

Regardless as to how original these hairstyles turn out to be I had fun with the concept and of course my students were able to learn by example. That's an important aspect to my method of teaching. Show your students how it's done by virtue of demonstrations and by spending time drawing with them and emulating the assignment.  

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