Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Process - From concept to color markers

This is from 1999 and one of my favorite class demonstrations from the early days of my school. I had a fresh set of color markers and an enthusiastic audience in class among my students. A lesson in how to develop an initial concept sketch and bring it to final line then take the leap to color.

Here's the original idea in the form of a blue line thumbnail sketch.

I looked to refine the composition and give the figure a little more sophistication and exaggeration in design along with pushing the pose towards something more dynamic.

Once that was accomplished I did a final line clean up drawing of the figure.

I made a photocopy of the final line drawing and used markers to add color and give it life.

The result was a vibrant composition that was unusual yet appealing. My students really appreciated the demonstration and everyone learned from it including myself.

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last coon said...

Haha nice work.